Download GTA 5 Money Hack for Free

Download GTA 5 Money Hack for Free


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GTA 5 Offering Free Giveaways in Special Weekend Event

GTA 5 continues to be the most popular online multiplayer game despite that there is now a 1 year lapse from the launch date. Rockstar Games has been giving away many free gifts and hosting promotional events with attractive prizes. The prizes are not just in-game currency but also items that can improve your gameplay such as supercars, and experience points. Fans would do all they can to at least unlock some items given there is a wide range of items in the free giveaways.

Rockstar Games is launching a special event during the weekend, on the 18th of September. There is a $50,000 prize and 3 t-shirts to be won at the event. The t-shirt and the cash prizes are not real. The prizes are only valid to be used in the game. Players can win these prizes if they successfully finish the 5 freemode events by the 20th of September which occurs on Sunday. You can win the exclusive t-shirt if you login into your GTA Online generator account every day. However, you will have to complete the freemode events to win the cash prize. Players will be able to obtain discounts on different stuffs in the game including cars, ammuniton and etc.

The promotions in the special event is only applicable to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and desktop versions. The promotion won’t be available to players who are playing GTA 5 on the new generation consoles. You should definitely attend the weekend event as it is a great chance for you to win some cash and shirts for your game.

Rockstar Editor will Be Launched on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the Following Month

Rockstar Editor will Be Launched on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 in the Following Month


Players are now given the opportunities to create their own movies by using the Rockstar Editor.  The Rockstar Editor is first introduced in the PC version of GTA 5. Rockstar Games announced that they will be launching the Rockstar Editor to the Xbox One and PS4 platforms in September. On the 24th August, Rockstar Newswire told fans that they will be launching the videoe editing tools on Xbox One and PS4 next month.

Rockstar Editor offers a comprehensive set of tools for players to film their own gameplay in GTA 5. This feature is only be available in the PC version right now. They will be adding this feature in the console versions in September. Other new features will also be introduced in the current generations console platforms. New features will be added to the PC version soon.


In the next update, the Director Mode will be available to the editing tool in the GTA 5 game. The Director Mode will make it easier for players to create the video. Players will be able to create spawn objects with the Director Mode. They will be able to pause the time during daytime to create a better lighting effect in the video.


New audio settings will be available in the upcoming update that take place next month  The new audio settings allow players to create personalized sound effects by mixing different sound tracks together. Players will be able to copy and paste the audio settings they set up with the audio marker.

GTA 5 is available on various platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. At the moment, only the PC version will have the Rockstar Editor. The Rockstar Editor will be included in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions next month. It won’t be available on the previous generation console because of incompatibility issues.


Rockstar Games Posponing the GTA 5 for Next Generations Consoles Until 2015


Fans have been eagerly anticipating for Rockstar Games to launch the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC versions. There is a rumor that claimed the developer will be postponing the launching of the game to a later date.


According to rumors, Rockstar will have to postpone the launch date for PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5 until the Spring of 2015. This can be a bad news for players who have been hoping to play the game on their console next month.


Rockstar previously announced to players that they will be launching the GTA 5 online money hacks game for the next generations consoles at the E3 event in June. Until now, there is still not yet any formal announcement from Rockstar that indicates the game will be postponed. has been spreading rumors about the postponing of GTA 5.

CVG stated that there is not yet any official announcement about GTA 5 since the date they announced they will be launching the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions. According to CVG, Rockstar is going to preview the game to players prior to the official launch date.

It has been a year since Rockstar Games launched the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. There is a rumor that they will be launching the next generation console versions of GTA 5 soon. However, Rockstar did not talk about it until the month of June this year.

It is up to Rockstar whether they want to let fans preview the game prior to launching it. It is unlikely that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions will incorporate complex features that cause the development team to delay the launch date.

Different launch dates of the GTA 5 game can be found online. The majority of the gaming sites based in Europe speculate the launch date of the GTA 5 to be the 7th November. It is possible that the GTA 5 game will be released by that time. However, Rockstar Games has not yet given any update on the launch date of GTA 5 so it is most probably that they will be launching it in 2015.

GTA V 1.10 Patch Update and Full Change Log 

GTA V 1.10 Patch Update and Full Change Log

Rockstar Games, who launched the bestselling game, GTA 5, recently released the full change log for 1.10 patch. On the 13th February, Rockstar Support updated fans with a long list of changes that will be implemeted through the 1.10 patch for GTA 5 Online. The long list of updates include fixes on the bug issues as well as introduction of new features in the game. The majority of the new features are added to improve the gamers’ experiences in the multiplayer GTA 5 Online. For instance, they added the notification screen to prevent the in-game characters and personal vehicles from getting deleted accidentally. They have also added the names of the users who created the Rockstar verified jobs. This enables players to easily search for the user created jobs. The 1.10 patch fixes bug issues such as faulty timer, and cornrow hair glitch. The Rat Loader car is available in the game again. You can now acquire the Rat Loader car for free for a limited time period until the next update for Grand Theft Auto 5. The full change log of the 1.10 patch is listed at the Rockstar Support page of the official website.  Rockstar has been releasing new updates for the GTA 5 ever since the debut of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions  in the past year. Rockstar Games constantly released new patches to fix the bugs in both the single player and multiplayer game. The patches also introduced new features into the game.

Take-Two Interactive Discussed about the DLC Packs of GTA 5 and  GTA 6

Strauss Zelnich discussed in an interview about Rockstar’s vision for GTA 5. On the 21st February, Breath Cast, who acts as the CEO and chairman for Take-Two Interactive, revealed in an interview that Rockstar had always wanted to create a game with a storyline that resemble the James Bond movie. Rockstar is not planning to release a new version of the Grand Theft Auto every year so there will be a long gap between the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto 6. Strauss Zelnick’s interview can be found below: The long gap will allow some time for Take-Two Interactive to come up with the funding to develop the game. They revealed that they introduced  the DLC packs in hope that they can generate more profits. The slideshow on the left provides some screenshots on the GTA Online. The remaining statement of Strauss Zelnick can be found below: The division of Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games, had made the downloadable expansions available for GTA 5. Some of the DLC packs are available for free while others can be purchased at a low price. Rockstar will be releasing the DLC packs cash card for both the single player and multiplayer versions of GTA 5 Online. More details at

IBM® “Ink Manager

IBM® “Ink Manager” Version 1.5 (21,881K)
Be sure to download and read these instructions
prior to proceeding with the upgrade. (202K in a PDF file)
Firmware Upgrade Utility
To provide flexibility in keeping your CrossPad current,
your product CD contains a Firmware Upgrade Utility and
the current version of the CrossPad Firmware (software
that resides on the CrossPad and in the IBM® “Ink Manager”
Version 1.5
 download linked above). These instructions are
for installing the utility and updating your CrossPad firmware.

CrossPad Brochure (388k PDF)
CrossPad Orientation Guide (791k PDF)
CrossPad XP Orientation Guide (627k PDF)

New CrossPad Supplemental Handwriting Guide (365k PDF)
CrossPad Supplemental Handwriting Guide: Revised Section Four (for downloads of the New CrossPad Supplemental Handwriting Guide completed prior to 05/10/1999) (626k PDF)
CrossPad XP Supplemental Handwriting Guide (470k PDF)

The Supplemental Guides, in addition to basic sets 1 & 2;
contain Additional Training Sets 1-4, The Digit & Symbol Set,
The UpperCase Set, and The Character Specific Set.

iPen Pro Windows® 95/98 10/6/99 Driver (878k Zip File)
iPen Pro Windows NT® 10/6/99 Driver (874k Zip File)

To install:

  • Please uninstall existing driver: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/Ipen-remove.
  • Install the new driver for your operating system-Win 95/98 or Win NT.
  • Extract the file using WINZIP.
  • Double click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts.
  • The REBOOT between steps is critical.

iPen Pro Cross All Write (1,444k Zip File)
Note: If you have had errors using Cross All Write with MS Excel spreadsheets please install the updated Cross All Write software.

To install:

  • Please exit all Windows apps.
  • Uninstall existing Cross All Write: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/Cross All Write-remove.
  • Install the new Cross All Write.
  • Extract the file using WINZIP.
  • Double click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts.

iPen Pro Cross All Write for Word 97 and Office 2000 (1,080k Zip File)
Restriction for Win NT users: AWW tool will be available to the person logged on at the time of install. To add users, just log on as the user and re-run the AWW install.

To install:

  • Please exit all Windows apps.
  • Uninstall existing Cross All Write: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/Cross All Write-remove.
  • Install the new Cross All Write.
  • Extract the file using WINZIP.
  • Double click on setup.exe and follow the on screen prompts.

iPen Soft Switch (7k)


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Awards. Articles. PR. The CrossPad is changing how people use computers. Read all about it.

PCG Product Sale
Select PCG products will have a sale soon!
Cross Pen Computing Group and GoldMine Software Corporation will co-promote their award-winning products — CrossPad Portable Digital Notepad (PDN) and GoldMine 4.0 Standard Edition software — and web sites.
Cross Pen Computing Group announced the launch of its Internet affiliate program, e-nabled sm by Be Free, Inc., the leading provider of affiliate marketing technology, services and knowledge. The program will allow potentially tens of thousands of web sites to serve as vendors for Cross PCG’s award-winning products.
Nationwide Search for Top Collegiate Journalist
The CrossPen Computing Group is searching for the Top Collegiate Journalist to honor excellence in the field of college journalism.

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Here’s what other people are writing about us.
Awards. Articles. PR. The CrossPad is changing how people use computers. Read all about it.

CrossPad Legal Case Study
Wheeler and Associates has been testing the CrossPad portable digital notepad since December of 1998.
CrossPad Medical Case Study
Massapequa General Hospital (MGH), is a Long Island, NY 120-bed medical facility with nearly 550 doctors, nurses and administrators specializing in General Medical and Surgical practices.
CrossPad Case Study
The CrossPad will be required equipment for the new course Sketching For Visualization and Communication for the Fall of 1999 at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

rossPad Legal Case Study


ORGANIZATION: Wheeler & Associates


LOCATION: Olympia, Washington

Wheeler & Associates practices real estate, business, corporate, construction and international law. Like many firms, Wheeler generates reams of handwritten notes that need to be typed for client files, briefs, and courtroom proceedings. As a result, the firm is always searching for new technology that simplifies and facilitates note-taking.

To better manage its paper note-taking processes, Wheeler has been testing a new technology, the CrossPad portable digital notepad (PDN), since December of 1998. The CrossPad allows the user to upload all handwritten notes, diagrams and sketches directly to a PC, transforming how they store, organize and share their notes. Once uploaded, the data can be filed, reorganized, faxed, e-mailed and even searched by keyword or date.

Taylor A. Lake, an associate with the firm, believes the CrossPad makes his note-taking much easier and more efficient. With this new technology, he is able to take notes from phone conversations and easily integrate them into his contact manager software. Consequently, he is able to compile his case notes and files more quickly into accessible files and incorporate them into correspondence with clients and associates.

Additionally, the CrossPad’s keyword and date searching ability simplifies the process of referencing and organizing notes for meetings. By saving case notes into client specific notebooks, Taylor is also able to quickly access the information relevant to a particular case.

According to Taylor, “The CrossPad has made a significant difference in helping me organize my notes. Now, I think in broader terms when deciding how and where I need to store my notes for future reference. It’s provided me with the first practical opportunity to seriously explore the idea of the ‘paperless office.’ ”

Upon completion of its evaluation of the CrossPad and installation of computer hardware upgrades, Wheeler & Associates will consider purchasing additional CrossPads for the creation of electronic client files and digitized correspondence.

“As a long term solution, the CrossPad has enormous potential to increase an attorney’s productivity by focusing his or her notetaking,” concludes Taylor.

CrossPad Medical Case Study

ORGANIZATION: Massapequa General Hospital


LOCATION: Seaford, New York

BACKGROUND: Massapequa General Hospital (MGH), is a Long Island, NY 120-bed medical facility with nearly 550 doctors, nurses and administrators specializing in General Medical and Surgical practices.

Physicians at Massapequa General’s emergency room are not only saving lives and healing the sick, but are consistently recording detailed treatment information that must be assembled around-the-clock for the medical team. As part of their increasing record keeping requirements, physicians have utilized everything from traditional pen and paper notebooks to specialized laptops.

Since the spring of 1998, emergency room personnel at MGH have spearheaded a pilot study using a new technology housed in the CrossPad portable digital notepad (PDN), to document and organize their patient care and billing activities. Dr. Oreste Joe Bruni, assistant director of ER, embraced the CrossPad portable digital notepad after previous attempts at incorporating other pen-based laptops failed to conform to note-taking standards in the ER. Additionally, the laptop’s weight, size and shape proved cumbersome and awkward.

According to Dr. Bruni, the CrossPad transformed how Emergency Room personnel stored, organized and shared their notes. The CrossPad allowed users to upload up to 50 pages of handwritten notes and sketches from a paper notepad to a PC. Once uploaded, handwritten notes were then able to be filed, reorganized, faxed, e-mailed and even searched by keyword or date.

BENEFITS: Now, MGH physicians are using the CrossPad for writing clinical/medical charts, scanning an EKG Potential, hospital billing and outlining treatment for patient care. In addition, the CrossPad proved to be a more portable and comfortable means of recording notes, as well as patient billing and information.

According to Dr. Bruni, “The CrossPad allows me the flexibility to manipulate my electronic notes beside and annotate them at a later date. I also liked the fact I can move around comfortably with my CrossPad in hand and know I have both a paper and electronic backup of my notes.”

OUTLOOK: “The portable digital notepad is becoming an essential tool in helping medical staff to comply with the increasing amount of record keeping in the ER,” according to Bruni. “In here, every second counts and the CrossPad has proved to be both a life saver and time saver.”

Following the pilot study and installation of a new computer system, Massapequa General will distribute the CrossPad to many professionals on its staff to facilitate record-keeping.